As provided by the American Dance Therapy Association:

What is Alternate Route Training for the R-DMT?

The Alternate Route is a self-directed course of study, with several different options for fulfilling R-DMT requirements. Specific training requirements include: 1) having or acquiring a masters degree from an accredited academic institution, 2) graduate level psychology-related course work, 3) dance/ movement therapy coursework, 4) fieldwork, and 5) internship. (See details of specific requirements using the Handbook link below.) The ADTA and the Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board, recognizes the Alternate Route as a viable path to dance/movement therapy registration.

The following should be noted by all students pursuing the R-DMT via the Alternate Route:

1. The student should inform the DMTCB of the date on which they began their first dance/ movement therapy course. alternate-route-intention-form

2. Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board R-DMT Applicant Handbook 2016

3. All Dance/Movement Therapy courses must comply with the ADTA Guidelines for Alternate Route Courses. Courses do not have to be taken in an academic institution.

4. All Alternate Route courses not offered through ADTA approved academic programs must be pre-approved by the Subcommittee for the Approval of Alternate Route Courses (Refer to the R-DMT Student Handbook for specific exceptions.) Pre-Approved courses are automatically accepted when the candidate submits their R-DMT application. Courses taken prior to March 15, 2013 do not require pre-approval but are not automatically accepted by the DMT-Credentials Board.

5. Approval of Alternate Route courses is done by the ADTA Subcommittee on the Approval of Alternate Route Courses, and is sought by the teacher of the course.

6. If you are using courses taken prior to March 15, 2013 toward your R –DMT application, you must comply with the requirements for documenting the R-DMT Student Handbook.

7. Applicants are advised to consider the requirements for licensure as a mental health practitioner in their state of residence.

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