The mission of Restorative Resources Training & Consulting (“RRT&C”) is to collaborate with existing individual and communal resources to support systems of healing and well-being that promote resiliency, are culturally congruent and respectful. From individual psychotherapy to organizational development, I utilize a strength-based, systemic approach. The spirit of all RRT&C’s work is reciprocity.

Restorative Resources Training and Consulting, LLC, provides services in three areas:

1. Direct Services: Individual, family, group and community-based psychotherapy, somatic and restorative movement psychotherapy, Continuum Movement, bodywork and mindfulness practice;

2. Training and education;

3. Consultation related to clinical practice, somatic, mindfulness, and creative arts therapies, organizational structure and management; staff support, staff care and wellness program development, team building and strategic planning.

These services are offered nationally and internationally, to people and organizations who serve survivors of extreme interpersonal trauma, human rights abuses, natural disasters, and complex humanitarian disasters. Training, supervision, consultation, and group facilitation are provided for individuals, non-profit organizations, governmental organizations, donor organizations and I/NGO’s who work in the field of humanitarian assistance and disaster response, and with adult and child survivors of trauma.

Areas of concentration include working with survivors of torture, war, genocide, combat, mass trauma and conflict; working with refugees; innovative approaches for clinical practice; integrating local, cultural and spiritual traditions and practices into the therapeutic process; community and cross cultural intervention; child trauma; the application of somatic, contemplative and creative arts therapies to work with adult and child survivors of trauma; secondary trauma, self care and strategies to promote wellness in the workplace.

“Reconnection to our experience of beauty, humor and dignity, is fundamental to the restorative process.”

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